Connecting with Carrick

Connecting with Carrick

The Adventure Centre for Education (ACE) would like to pilot a range of outdoor activities to inspire and motivate the people of North Carrick to experience and connect with their local environment. ACE develop outdoor activity programmes to suit people of all ages and abilities. Connecting people with nature is proven to help people’s health, wellbeing and ability to work together no matter their age. Once inspired ACE can develop greater opportunities such as those on offer in South Carrick


Outdoor activities are a great tool to help inspire people’s intrinsic motivation, for children it gives them experiences that are outside away from computers and televisions. They are great fun and help people smile. Carrick has many great places to experience and potentially inspire new hobbies for some people. As a training tool they help people work together which helps towards employment. For older people it brings people together so they can form new friendships and reduces feeling lonely.

A great idea. Activities to get people moving and away from the TV or computer are great. We live in an area that abounds with places to have adventures. We hear all about how inactive people are, we need all the encouragement we can to get out and about. Besides the health benefits outdoor activities also help build social skills, they are a great way to meet people and friendship can grow from early days and build an appreciation of the area. Activities need to be delivered safely.

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