McCosh Hall Kirkmichael

McCosh Hall Kirkmichael

The McCosh Hall is a fine hall but it is underused because of the poor acoustics.We are planning to improve these and install moveable staging and lighting and sound equipment, including a loop system for the hard of hearing.We will then be able to put on a much wider range of events and entertainments and make the hall a real hub of the village and a great venue for the whole community


Better acoustics would be a real bonus for the hall. It would encourage more people of all ages to use it and plan events and activities for the community. Visiting companies such as the Gaiety could bring theatre and music to the village and we can put on workshop, training and sports activities.We might even revive the Kirkmichael Amateur Dramatics!

The Hall was refurbished a couple of years ago. Better acoustic and lighting equipment along with a moveable stage would complement the improvements making the Hall a real asset to the village and increasing its use.

The McCosh Hall is a vital part of our small village and I feel,it would be used more if the acoustics were improved. I attended an event recently where the acoustics were really bad and I am sure it put people off coming back! Emily Scobie

The hall is a central point for the village but due to lack of equipment and acoustics groups have to travel outwith the village for events, improvements would mean people are able to fully utilise the hall for children's activities, charity nights and a whole host of other events.

These improvements would certainly make a huge difference and would revive lots of entertainment opportunities, events and could potentially be an attractive wedding venue. The Hall is a great asset to the village but is currently under utilised.

I would definitely support a bid for new acoustics in the McCosh Hall. I have attended many events which would have been greatly improved by better acoustics. Also, I feel the hall would be used for a greater variety of events if a good sound system was in place.

This would be great not only for the village but for the entire local community as it would attract all sorts of events - the possibilities are endless!😃

Every village needs a venue which can be used by all and which can be adapted to a range of purposes. I think this is a wonderful idea. I am greatly impressed by the hard work of the volunteers in this village.

I have a vested interest in these improvements. I plan to hold a number of charity fund raising events in the McCosh Hall this year and access to the equipment and improvement to the acoustics is essential. As it stands the lack of equipment and poor acoustics make it not fit for purpose leading to under utilization by the many groups and individuals in the village. Knowing these improvements have been made and the equipment is available will encourage more groups to hold a variety of events.

As a member of a number of clubs that use the McCosh Hall better acoustics would be of great benefit to not only people attending an event but also to the artistes who come to provide entertainment within our village hall.

The village community spirit has genuinely grown over the past few years, mostly because of the efforts of a great many dedicated volunteers, supported by the enthusiasm of most residents. Better equipment for our (otherwise excellent) village hall would mean that it could host a lot more events for people of all ages, throughout the year. Given that we now have the significant benefit of a lift for disabled access, this seems very much like the next logical step.

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