Maidens Shore Front Enhancements

Maidens Shore Front Enhancements

A number of enhancements were identified in our Community Action Plan. Through the works proposed we will be addressing at least one priority action under each one of our Themes; • Community Facilities, Activities • Outdoor Recreation, Paths and Environmental Improvements • Tourism Development • Village Enhancement • Housing Roads and Services We seek to extend the shore front path network, landscape an area of derelict land, install shelter and benches and to provide solar lighting, thereby enc


These actions will link key aspects of the village, promote a more healthy, attractive and inclusive recreational use of the shore front, encourage biodiversity, re-engage locals with their heritage and neighbours while also seeking to address inherent weaknesses in particular local services.

What a great idea to extend the shore front path, linking it up to the car parks and providing a well constructed, accessible pathway for all ages to enjoy including the elderly, those with mobility problems and those recovering from illness. This should encourage more local people and visitors to walk out and enjoy the fabulous views of the harbour and get closer to the wildlife. The solar lighting will be good to have in the dark winter months. Great idea, bring it on!

An excellent idea that will help promote wildlife and encourage nature enthusiasts. Extending the paths to link key areas of Maidens really would greatly benefit both the residents of maidens and the tourists. A lit path would provide safe access between amenities. A great idea!!

The extended path will allow safe access for locals and visitors alike to enjoy the beautiful scenery and range of wildlife that maidens has to offer. A great idea to include solar lighting...a superb way to encourage people to be more active during the winter months.

Brilliant idea and I'm sure it will be enjoyed by residents of Maidens and those who visit. Great idea to improve and use the land that was reclaimed whilst dredging the harbour some years ago.

Fantastic idea for such a beautiful area for walking and picnics

Excellent. More picnic benches for sure. And lighting is a fantastic idea. The path will give kids a good safe walk to each others houses away from the busy main road.

Would be great to connect the harbour with the existing path along the shore front - could create a "themed" path or "educational trail" to reference the points of natural and cultural interest in Maidens, eg. history of Maidens Harbour and the links Maidens has to Robert the Bruce and Robert Burns. And lighting the car park is a must, its really not well enough lit and is unsafe to use in the dark.

If we get these improvements it will enhance the experience of visitors to the area. The landscaping of the derelict land will add to the attractiveness of the area which can only be a positive. Solar lights around the paths and car park would make people feel safer and encourage the use and visibility of the car park. Paths would facilitate access for wheelchair users, families with prams, people with mobility problems to enjoy the coastal walk from the harbour.

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