Minishant Community Kitchen

Minishant Community Kitchen

This project involves turning an old, redundant kitchen in the primary school, in to a community kitchen. As the only building in Minishant which is accessible for the whole community, this facility would provide a place for all ages to gather and participate in cooking lessons, sharing recipes and skills from one generation to another. Pupils would participate in weekly food technology lessons as part of the curriculum then share their produce with the local community.


Minishant Primary School is at the heart of the community. Following the flood damage to the village hall, the school building is now the one place that the whole community is able to access. Rather than have a spacious room in the school sitting unused, it would make sense for it to become a community cooking kitchen, which would benefit the pupils, families and friends of the school.

This would be a fantastic opportunity to gain the facilities that the community lacks dues to the closure of the village hall. Having a community kitchen would be beneficial for events and workshops and people would the be able to hold parties within the IFE wing with the kitchen next door in the school without having to go to other venues outwith the community.

Waste of money that could be better spent

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